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Host Your Own Murder Mystery - Theatre


About this '1920s Murder Mystery Game’:
"Ladies and gentlemen, the Full House Theatre kindly asks you to take your seats for tonight's performance." As the lights go down and the curtain rises, a deadly drama is about to unfold ... Was that scream part of the play? An immersive experience for your customers to enjoy, this murder mystery game has characters for up to 12 players and is re-playable with 3 alternative endings. Perfect for a 1920s themed dinner party, family games night or evening of fancy dress fun. Our best-selling 'Host Your Own' games range is comprised of traditional board games and unique party games designed for those looking to be the host with the most. Available in quantities of four, this 1920s murder mystery game makes a great addition to any gift shop, lifestyle store, garden centre or online games store.

Contents includes:
An Instruction booklet, 13x Name Badges, 12x Character Cards, 12x Secret Trait Cards, 12x Round One Cards, 9x Murder Weapon Props, 3x Solution Sheets & Envelopes, 3x Sets of Round Two Cards, 3 Sets of Round Three Cards, 3x Award Trophies, 1x Evidence File, 1x Detective Notepad and 1x Accusation & Voting Pad

Recommended for age 16+ and 5-12 players.

How to play this '1920s Murder Mystery Game’:
Inside the box, your customers will find a whole array of themed props, clues and weapons to set the scene in their own home. The host reads out the welcome speech to introduce the characters and unfold the story. There is a specific character for the host to play (Alex Cited - the host is not a suspect but still a participant) and the victim is not a guest - pages 3 & 4 of the instruction booklet give more detail. Players must work together to solve the clues and identify the murderer before they strike again!

How to merchandise this '1920s Murder Mystery Game’:
With an eye-catching gold and black box, this game would suit a free-standing table display or stand out on a shelving unit. Merchandise with our other themed murder mystery games or expand your range with our escape room games, casino game or bingo game. A great addition to any games, gifting or Christmas section in your online or physical store.

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