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Orange & Red Number Candle - 4


About this 'Orange and Red Number Candle 4':
Give your customers a funky number candle to celebrate that fun milestone birthday with this 4 number candle. Ideal for adding the finishing touches to a birthday cake, pair this orange and green number candle with the corresponding number for celebrating a 4th, 14th, 24th, 34th, 40th and all the rest. We have number candles from 0-9 available so you can provide cake candles to your customers whatever their desired age.

Candle Size: 8cm

How to merchandise this 'Orange and Red Number Candle 4':
You'll find no glitter on these candles only bright vibrant colour. The newest addition to our eco-friendly birthday candles are the most fun yet. Merchandise the full range of numbers together in your birthday aisle for an easy pick-up purchase. Don't forget we also offer number candles in pink, blue, silver and gold.

Product: general waste
Packaging: widely recycled

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