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Rose Gold Dipped Number Candles Starter Set - 0-9


About this 'Rose Gold Number Candles Starter Set':
From 1 to 100, help your customers celebrate their special birthdays and anniversaries with our rose gold number candles. With a stylish two-tone rose gold dipped design, these candles make for a statement cake decoration on their own or can be paired with our tall birthday candles. This starter set is a great way to stock the full range of numbers in your store, making it easy for customers to add to their basket whatever the occasion. With a total of 30 candles, we've included extras of the best-selling numbers to keep up with demand. Simply top up with individual numbers when needed.

Candle Size: 8cm height

Each starter set contains a total of 30 rose gold candles:
6 x Number 0 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-0 - 5052715138931)
4 x Number 1 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-1 - 5052715138948)
4 x Number 2 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-2 - 5052715138955)
3 x Number 3 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-3 - 5052715138962)
3 x Number 4 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-4 - 5052715138979)
2 x Number 5 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-5 - 5052715138986)
2 x Number 6 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-6 - 5052715139006)
2 x Number 7 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-7 - 5052715139013)
2 x Number 8 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-8 - 5052715139020)
2 x Number 9 Candle (BDAY-CANDLE-GD-RO-9 - 5052715139037)

How to merchandise this 'Rose Gold Number Candles Starter Set':
These number candles are sure to become a year-round essential in your birthday or party aisle. Great for gift shops, party stores and garden centres; display the different numbers next to each other for an eye-catching shelving unit. Available in a wide range of other colours including gold, silver and pink, each candle is individually barcoded making it easy at the checkout.

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