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Independent store shout out - July 2023

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The weather may have been grey for far more of the summer than we'd like but it feels like the retail and fashion industries have made up for the lack of colour with the vibrant trends we're seeing this season. Rainbow brights, colour blocking and ombre have been key themes in shop windows and displays and now with the new Barbie movie being a huge hit we expect to see pink pink pink everywhere. 

Before we show off some of the beautiful displays within some of our independent stores below we caught up with one of our Norfolk-based independents, Creativity Ltd:

What are you most looking forward to as we head into high summer and then autumn?

Creativity Ltd: Meeting lots of lovely new customers on their seaside holidays! We love seeing customers old and new visit the shop and learning their purchasing patterns.

Have you noticed any trends with customer buying recently?

C: We’ve found that lots of our customers are buying sentimental products that remind them of their younger years! And of course during the summer months we’re selling lots of souvenirs as people love to remember their time here in Sheringham!

How do go about styling your fabulous windows and displays?

C: When creating our window displays we try to go for a specific colour/theme to relate to the season/occasion. In summer I love to use orange, yellows and pinks to brighten the window to make it extra eye-catching! For our seaside window, anything blue goes straight in! I especially loved creating our Jubilee and Coronation window displays featuring lots of Talking Tables decorations.

Anything new coming up for the shop?

C: We’ve always got lots of new brands and stock coming into the shop, so whenever you visit there will be something new!

What is your favourite Talking Tables product you have in stock right now?

C: I think our favourite product has to be the ombré colour number candles! They’re so great for summer and they add a pop of colour to our slat wall in the shop! The glitter candles are great too and very popular with our customers. Our ceiling is covered in beautiful Talking Tables bunting, making our shop even more colourful and enticing!

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