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Customised recyclable paper cups

Building your business brand Elevate your brand while making your business more sustainable with our personalised 100% plastic-free cold paper cups. Add your own logo, QR code, imagery – choose what you want to include on the cups to best promote your business. Perhaps you’re a café and want the QR code to display a menu? We recently collaborated with ABV Brixton, a South London cocktail bar, to help make their business more sustainable. ABV's owner, Lee says: “The drinks industry has a bad rep in regards to waste but there has been a significant shift to more sustainable practices in the past few years. At ABV we are conscious to do whatever we can to minimise our carbon footprint and impact on the world so this collaboration with Talking Tables is great for us and the planet.”
  • Size: 12oz.
  • Minimum order quantity is 2,000, working out at 35p a cup.
  • Hospitality orders only.
  • Lead time four weeks.
  • Made in the UK.
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