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Tilly & Tigg Butterfly Paper Garland, 5m


About this 'Tilly & Tigg Butterfly Bunting’:
Bring the butterflies into your store with this beautiful butterfly bunting. In shades of purple, blue and pink, this bunting features 2 different butterfly patterns and delicate flowers in shades of purple, pink and blue. Take each butterfly and fold the front wings towards the centre to create a 3D fluttering butterfly effect. A unique decoration that your customer will love, perfect for a Birthday, Garden Party, Kid's Themed Party or Baby Shower. Pair with our 'Tilly & Tigg' range for matching party tableware or the 'Truly Fairy' range for matching butterfly party decorations.

Product size: 3.5m length with 19 pennants

How to merchandise this 'Tilly & Tigg Butterfly Bunting’:
This pretty butterfly bunting make a lovely addition to your range of party decorations or kids bedroom decor and can be sold all year round. Hang in your shop window or from the ceiling inside your store to catch the eye of new customers and invite them in.

How to dispose of this 'Tilly & Tigg Butterfly Bunting’:
We are striving to become a completely eco-friendly party supplier and have designed all the products in the Tilly & Tigg range to be plastic free and recyclable. Help create a better world for the butterflies and reuse this bunting for celebrations throughout the year and eventually dispose of in your home recycling bin.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled

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We know you want to party like there is a tomorrow so we're working hard on making everything we sell as kind to the planet as possible.



Use me and then put me away for another day, and another celebration.

Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this product, how fantastic.


The paper in this product is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.


Plastic Free

There's no plastic in this packaging, how fantastic.

Home Recyclable

Recycle me and I'll be created into something new.


The paper in this packaging is FSC approved, coming from sustainably managed forests.

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