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A visit to Penny's garden - The National Garden Scheme

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This week is the official #GreatBritishGardenParty week - a campaign set up by The National Garden Scheme. As you know we're so pleased to have partnered with them again this year and have been busy with our own garden parties, collaborating with influencers, ambassadors and likeminded brands, and encouraging you to put on your own garden parties to raise awareness and funds for The National Garden Scheme's charity partners. Don't forget, a percentage of proceeds from our garden party bundles also go to the scheme. 

We were lucky enough to visit a National Garden Scheme garden in Surrey. We took some of our new ranges and created our own garden party settings in tranquil areas of the garden, which was beautifully designed and cared for by Penny. Penny has lived there for many years, and used to be a florist herself. Beth sat down with Penny during our visit and had a chat with her about the beautiful garden...

Beth: So Penny, we’d love to know when and what made you join the National Garden Scheme?

Penny: Well I’ve always loved gardening and have gardened all my life, and I thought it was a marvellous scheme where you can enjoy gardening whilst also raising money for charity.

Beth: Exactly, we think it’s a brilliant idea. Have you done much hosting in your garden through the years you’ve lived here?

Penny: Yes well I’ve actually had three daughters’ weddings here. That was before I planted all the trees in the middle of the lawn, and we had a big marquee there. We’ve always entertained people here – it’s a busy life!

Beth: That’s amazing that you’ve had the weddings here, I bet there’s some great pictures from it. What is the aspect that you love most about your garden?

Penny: Well I’m very fond of all the green, there’s so much green and lots of trees. Green is a very calming colour. When I go out of my front door I get such a peaceful feeling.

Beth: I’m sure you get lots of compliments on it. What do you think stands out for your guests?

Penny: They like all the different nooks and crannies throughout the garden, and they keep coming across new things and areas. They love that.

Beth: Absolutely, we did too! And do you hope to continue being a National Garden Scheme garden each year?

Penny: Hopefully, I don’t know – I’m very old! I’m planning to open next year. I did open during covid when we were allowed - I think only about 60 people came but they absolutely loved it. So I haven’t really taken any years out because one way or another I had people here.

Beth: Lucky for them. Is there anything else you want to tell us about your garden or the scheme?

Penny: Just that the National Garden Scheme is an incredible organisation with a win win situation – people create a lovely garden and show it to the public and raise money, and they get the satisfaction of sharing their garden. What’s not to like! It’s unique, there’s nothing else like it.

Beth: Exactly, and hopefully it continues on and we can come back and see your garden another time. It’s been a lovely afternoon.

Penny: You’re very welcome!

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