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Earth Day: 40,000 Trees

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We’ve planted 40,000 trees! 

Forest with sunlight coming through trees

As a purpose-led business and B-Corp we take our responsibilities towards people and the planet very seriously.

That’s why this Earth Day, we’re incredibly proud to announce we have reached our target of planting more than 40,000 trees.

As a business, we only use FSC-managed forests to produce our paper napkins. This means the forests are ethically and responsibly managed - with consideration for people, wildlife and the forests themselves.

At Talking Tables we go above and beyond this commitment by planting more trees. 

We offset our napkin production by planting trees in the UK or around the world.  Additionally, each time a member of staff has a birthday we plant 25 trees and plant a tree for every email sign up to our newsletter.

What’s more, we also fund a variety of global projects through our partners, Ecologi, to help combat climate change.

To date, Talking Tables has supported the prevention of 646.5 tonnes CO2e from being emitted through 24 verified carbon avoidance projects.

That’s the equivalent of almost 500 long haul flights, nearly 2,000 metres2 of sea ice saved or 1.6m miles driven in a car.

Aeroplane in a blue sky

As part of our efforts, we’ve helped fund 28 different projects in the UK and around the world including:

  • Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia – this project protects habitat thought to be home to up to 10% of the world’s remaining orang-utan population in Borneo.
  • Solar panel electricity generation in Indonesia – calculated to prevent almost 34,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year.
  • Distributing cleaner cookstoves to families in Kenya – this project will see 2.5m tonnes of wood-based fuel saved each year
  • Restoring wildflowers, wetlands and wildlife in the UK – 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s.
Orang-utan and baby walking along a fallen tree

In line with our commitments to social impact and sustainability, we also recently published our Impact Report for 2022-23.

We're pleased to share our progress - like increasing the number of products we source from Europe from 35% to 44%; and reducing the number of products in our new season collection that include single use plastic to just 2%. But we also want to shine a light on where we can do better.

Our impact report serves as a roadmap of our journey so far towards a fairer and more equitable society, as well as a greener planet. It's how we hold ourselves accountable and maintain transparency - by sharing our achievements and challenges.

We believe doing business for good is good business, and this Earth Day we’re proud to share some of the positive impacts we’re having both at home and around the world.

Happy Earth Day!

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