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We asked some of our favourite influencers to style our new reusable table top collection. Turns out it was a bright idea. We love their individual takes on table setting and how they seamlessly blended the collection into their aesthetic, be it dayglo brights, sorbet pastels or a warm vintage palette.


@weeny _victorian_house_in_ware

We love Nikki Shore’s empowering attitude and personal style and recommend a follow if you’re not already. There’s something Bloomsbury Group about her vintage but original interiors vibe. And her photography is stunning.


We’ve known Dan as a Talking Tables friend for many years from his time as a senior buyer at JLP, and then when he followed his passion for gardening, setting up The Frustrated Gardener blog and as @dancoopergarden on instagram. We thoroughly recommend him for no nonsense gardening advice. And we were delighted to discover his huge talent for styling and photography and now look to him as our go-to for Talking Tables al fresco shoots, like the gorgeous one below.



Cottage core with a Fifties flavour is the inspiration for Louisa Nabereit’s beautiful home. Warm colours and masses of florals – from prints to the live variety – provide a welcoming and cosy feel. Don’t our super bright wine glasses blend in seamlessly.




Reka Thornton has made an art form out of pastel styling. Her home is al Aladdin’s cave of ideas for anyone looking for some inspo. We love how she has curated our table top pieces for a birthday bash and how they so naturally fit into her sorbet style kitchen.




Wow, wow, wow. We’re in awe of Flo Sandler who describes herself as a colour enthusiast – and we couldn’t put it better. If ever there was proof of the mood boosting power of dopamine brights, it’s Flo’s grid. It should be mandatory medicine to check it out every day.


Bright Striped Wine Glass - 6 Pack
Bright Striped Wine Glass - 6 Pack £3.00
Scalloped Pink Metal Dinner Candle Holder
Scalloped Pink Metal Dinner Candle Holder £3.50
Statement Strawberry Lilac Dinner Candles - 2 Pack
Statement Strawberry Lilac Dinner Candles - 2 Pack £5.25


If there was garden party we would most wish to be invited to it would be one hosted by Pandora Maxton. But then the interior of her house is gorgeous too. And we love how you’d never know when one of her animals would gatecrash the party (hello Stella the horse).


If you’re feeling a little wary of zhooshing up a room, look to Lou Crane for confidence boosting advice. You can follow her restoration of her Cheshire period home at the aptly named @notaperioddrama. We particularly love her use of warm colours.


If you want to apply a finishing touch to a table that will delight your guests, why not indulge in a little napkin folding. We work exclusively on napkin folding with Raushan Willms and are constantly impressed by the ideas she comes up with. Check her out on our YouTube channel.

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