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Party guest personas based on star signs - an astrologer reveals all

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When it comes to large social gatherings and get-togethers, are you the type of person avoiding small talk in favour of sausage rolls or taking group selfies to post to your Insta stories. If either of those sound similar, it could be, as they say, written in the stars.

To coincide with the launch of our first ever astro game, Zodiac, we spoke to one of the UK’s leading astrologists, Victor Olliver, to find out what kind of party guest you are based on when you were born*. See if they ring true for you.

*It goes without saying to take these with a pinch of stardust.

The guest who positions themselves next to the canapes 


Taurus adores sensuous flavours and will be the first in the room eyeing up the finger food, plotting to hog the lot by crafty chair positioning.

Sagittarius has a gargantuan appetite, making a lunge for the exquisite filo prawn wraps – or sneakily putting them in a hidden doggy bag for a midnight feast.

The guest always last to leave the dancefloor 


Leo needs to be the centre of attention, and the best way to get that is to give their best Lizzo impression when all eyes are on them.

Aquarius lives in a world of their own and continues striking a pose long after everyone’s returned to their seats – because they haven’t noticed the music has stopped.


The guest who’s the most competitive at games 


Aries cannot lose as a matter of principle and will turn even a harmless game of Shout Out or trivia into a Wimbledon final.

Capricorn loves high status and will view your party game of Silent Charades as a chance to show everyone how to really play a megastar.

The guest taking selfies with everyone  


Gemini is viewed as socially popular, hence the selfie stick posing with fellow-guests. The snaps are then posted to Instagram even before the party’s over.

Libra loves to be seen hanging out with their friends and snapping party moments for posterity, or until their mobile phone runs out of battery.

The guest most likely to help with the washing-up 


Cancer is used to running things at home and will be offended if not handed the rubber gloves by the party host to do the dishes – it’s kitchen control!

Virgo is generally kind but obsessed with cleanliness and will offer to help you out if they suspect hygiene standards are not measuring up.

The guest who always turns up early


Scorpio will turn up at 7pm if the invite says 7:30pm because their plan is to leave early, and they think the party should have started sooner.

Pisces has little concern for time and may forget precisely when the party begins, so don’t be surprised by the early bird arrival. 


The Host Your Own Zodiac board game

There are a vast number of astrology books on the market and recent years have seen star symbols featuring prominently in interior design and fashion. But we think our Zodiac game is unique in being fun and playable and thus in the spirit of the general public’s connection with astrology. The game uses a player’s zodiac sign to create unique gameplay that is individual to the player. The aim of the game is to reach the centre of the board with a complete astrological profile by collecting tokens from successfully completing challenges. The challenges range from answering zodiac related trivia, completing dares and puzzle solving to showing insight into the lives of fellow players. Each player needs to win a different set of tokens based on what their star sign is known for. For example, an emotionally driven Cancer needs more heart tokens than most signs. 

Victor Olliver’s book, Astrology published by Flame Street Studio is out on the 20th September.

Shop The Host Your Own Zodiac board game here.


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