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What's Hot: July

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This month we've been taking it outside and hanging out the solar lanterns and heading to an idyllic Surrey garden for a picnic.

With evenings warm enough for outside get togethers, why not light up your alfresco dining with our solar lanterns. With an intricate cut out pattern they throw beautiful patterns on lawns and patios and are available in two-packs in teal, dusky pink and navy.

Boho Pink Outdoor Solar Lantern, 20cm - 2 Pack
Boho Pink Outdoor Solar Lantern, 20cm - 2 Pack £14.50
Blue Paper Solar Lantern
Boho Navy Outdoor Solar Lanterns, 20cm - 2 Pack £14.50

“The concept of a home bar has always seemed particularly glamorous to me,” writes Leah Sinclair in Stylist magazine. “The idea of shaking up a tasty cocktail while chatting with friends and serving up the coolest beverages live and direct from my living room sounds like something you’d see in the movies – but it’s a lot more accessible than we may think.” We agree Leah, and are pleased to see our pineapple ice bucket included among the nine items recommended to “amp up your cocktail hour”.

We’ve won an award, and it’s for sustainability which makes it extra special: it’s the Greater London Enterprise Awards and the Best Sustainable Tablescape Brand category. Our products are now virtually plastic free and if they’re not recyclable they are reusable. Recently we launched the concept of eco-taining and have been putting together sustainable tables featuring not only our own products but other sustainable accents – like in season flowers. The latest table is for a kid’s birthday party with 100% of the fun without the environmental impact.

We’re rather proud of our Phenomenal Women series of inspirational women so were chuffed when no less than the former British Puzzle Paris Champions SJ and Dan aka @2puzzlepeople posted this review on Instagram: “We enjoyed this puzzle even more than we thought we would. It practically flew together, and it came with a handy guide to all the people featured. There were only just a few neither of us recognised - but at least we learned something! ☺️ Anyway, this is on the keep pile. We recommend it!”

Phenomenal Women Puzzle 1000 Pieces
Phenomenal Women Puzzle 1000 Pieces £6.50

It’s National Picnic Month, more than enough excuse for us to head off to a beautiful National Garden Scheme garden in Surrey, complete with bunting, colourful pitcher, plates and napkins. Read how gardener Penny created this fabulous setting here.

Pastel Cotton Fabric Cotton Bunting, 3m
Pastel Cotton Fabric Cotton Bunting, 3m £6.35
Boho Paisley Recyclable Paper Napkins - 20 Pack
Boho Paisley Recyclable Paper Napkins - 20 Pack £1.75

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